The Best Beauty Products Featuring Quinoa

The Best Beauty Products Featuring Quinoa

Skin care is something that we here at Quinoa TV are passionate about. We have morning routines, a night routine and even a hangover routine, so anything new on beauty bay whether it be Korean skincare made with the slime from snails or the next break-your-bank serum that claims to stop age in its tracks, you can bet that someone here at Quinoa TV has tried it.

You’ve heard us harp on about the benefits of Quinoa over and over, it has all your essential amino acids, it helps combat digestive problems with its high fibre intake and its packed with iron for those of us who struggle to keep our intake high, and now Quinoa has been popping up around the beauty-sphere with various different products!

“Although it’s been used for many years in places where it’s indigenous, quinoa is becoming very trendy in the United States for skincare. People already know about it as a superfood, and they want to explore other uses for it,” says Sonia Batra, MD, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine and co-host of The Doctors. “And there’s some science backing its benefits for the skin. It’s not just good for you if you eat it.”

Quinoa is an eco-friendly, bio-degradable alternative to the usual plastic micro-beads sometimes found in face scrubs that have exfoliating properties.

“I don’t recommend using exfoliators more than two to three times a week, maximum,” says Batra, who explains over-exfoliating can damage the outer layers of your skin. “The body will respond by overproducing oil, which can cause you to break out.” If you have dry skin, lower that frequency to once a week. Exfoliating dry skin can be irritating and can cause small tears in the skin, which creates an entry portal for bacteria.

Here’s our top-rated products on the market featuring quinoa right now:

Cowshed Quinoa Hydrating Daily Moisturiser (50ml)

For day in day out skincare this crème is a light daily moisturiser with Quinoa extract. It leaves the skin feeling moisturised by not greasy which is important when you have combination skin. This big pot goes a long way! The camomile calms skin so it’s especially useful for those with acne. Get your glow on!

Kiehl’s Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate Serum (30ml)

“Leave-on serum, formulated to accelerate the cell turnover process revealing fresher, smoother, younger-looking skin. Enriched with sustainably-sourced quinoa husk extract, its powerful exfoliating properties help release dull surface skin while visibly evening skin tone and refining the feel of rough texture over time.”

Don’t be put off by the word ‘peel’, this serum gently encourages skin to renovate making it the ideal serum for people with Acne and deep red angry spots andeven helps with scars that acne has left behind.


Pacifica Quinoa Sensitive Face Wash (147ml)

This facewash claims to, ‘Help support your skin’s natural oils. Remove makeup, pollution and the day’s toxins with gentle foaming for refreshed skin at any age’.

This product is 100% Vegan and did make our skin feel clean and smooth after the first use! It was perfect for sensitive skin and a cheaper alternative to the other two high-end products but still had amazing results! It smelt fresh and made my skin ready for the week.


Of course, if you wanted to be super eco-friendly you could follow one of our DIY Quinoa facials! Next time you’re using one of our recipes and have cooked too much Quinoa make sure you check out other ways to use your left-over quinoa for clearer skin! Let us know how you get on with any of these products in the comments section below!

Hattie, Plant Gang xx

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