The surprising health benefits of quinoa

The surprising health benefits of quinoa

There are a few subjects, that no matter where you live, will always come up in conversation. The first, hands down, is the weather, and the second is nutrition, what you are eating and what you are avoiding. Everyone believes they should eat healthy, the real debate has always been, what is healthy?   There are a few things most can agree on. We all need to take in adequate amounts of the right kind of protein, fats, carbohydrates,vitamins and minerals. Quinoa, called a super food by some, easily fits the bill of a healthy food with its high protein content and abundance of nutrients.   There are good types of fat and their are bad types of fat. You almost need a degree in biology to completely understand the difference between the two and how to avoid one and how to add the other. The great news about Quinoa, is that is has very little fat, adding only 5 % of your daily requirement per suggested serving. Quinoa is a perfect food for those wishing to avoid fat or those wishing to avoid the science of figuring out if a trans fat is good or bad. And just so you can tell your friends, quinoa only has the good fat.   The same argument is placed on the shoulders of cholesterol. There are good and bad types. As before, quinoa gets off the hook, it simply does not have any cholesterol. No need to study the side of the box. It also has almost a negligible amount of sodium (salt), so as long as you don’t pour a waterfall of salt on your meal upon serving, you will stay in everyone’s sodium guidelines.   There is a lot of talk about protein. Some foods have all the protein you need like meat and eggs, and some foods do not. The body needs every necessary amino acids to build the proteins for your body, for necessary things like muscle, skin and bones to name a few. Quinoa has them all. That’s right, it is a complete protein. You never have to eat meat again, if you so choose.   What about vitamins and minerals? Quinoa is not nicked-named a super food without having the credentials. It is stacked full of nutrients your body craves. It provides a healthy dose of vitamin E and almost all of the B vitamins. Quinoa also has calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, copper, zinc, selenium and manganese. At this point, your large jar of vitamins and mineral supplements may start to look like a waste of money.   And the final word about the nutritional facts of Quinoa should include that it has that ever so needed daily fiber. If you don’t have enough fiber in your diet, several times a day you will have an unpleasant experience. With a high fiber diet, daily trips to the bathroom are almost a joy. And with many recipes for quinoa in salads, soups and even for breakfast, you will find it an easy addition to your cooking routine.  

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