Is Quinoa high in protein?

Is Quinoa high in protein?

There would be no such thing as a healthy diet without protein.

Quinoa is one of the richest plant sources for protein. Simply put, the body has to have protein on a daily basis. It is needed to make and repair cells, make enzymes and hormones. The body has an amazing ability to make proteins but it still needs to get 9 of the essential amino acids from a balanced diet. Quinoa is a seed but when compared to rice and grain, it alone provides all of the essential amino acids, earning it the title of a complete protein.

A one cup serving has 8 grams of protein. At that serving size, it is providing more protein than a single egg, two ounces of ham, two scallops ad an equal serving of spinach or green peas. It does not carry the same protein density as a fist size of animal meat or most seafood but it does not have any of the down side of any those choices. Animal meat is high in an unhealthy fat, cholesterol and is usually cooked to long releasing possible carcinogens. Seafood, although delicious, carries everything that is in the ocean, Mercury, and many other fat soluble poisons. You can’t get sick eating under cooked quinoa like you can with seafood and some meats.

Grain Gains

There are many opinions of how much protein a person should ingest on a daily basis. It depends on age, size, sex and activity level. Some dietitians recommend between 46 and 56 grams per day for women and men respectively. Many healthy vegetarians will tell you they only need half that amount. Either way, quinoa, with it’s 8 grams of protein for every 1 cup serving is an easy way to add a complete protein to your diet. With most beans and rice products, you have to mix and match different foods to get all the amino acids your body needs. Not with quinoa, a single serving gives your body every single protein it needs.

The high density of good protein in quinoa makes it an easy choice for every kitchen. Meat and seafood are expensive. Quinoa is not and it is available in every grocery store. Many stores even carry organic quinoa. Not only does quinoa save on the monthly food budget, it is easy to prepare. There are many easy recipes for quinoa found in most cook books and all over the internet. You will find simple ways to add protein rich quinoa’s to soups,salads and side dishes. Quinoa can also replace the sodium chemically rich breakfast meats with a healthy alternative.

And it is hard to find fault with a protein rich food like quinoa. The oceans are not over fished to bring it to your table. Acres and acres of land are not used growing feed and then housing animals to be readied for consumption. Helping the environment, while giving animals a break is one of the many benefits of quinoa

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