How many calories does cooked Quinoa have?

How many calories does cooked Quinoa have?

Foods like quinoa provide a low-calorie nutritious addition to any diet. An average serving, about 1 cup, has only 220 calories. But most people don’t really understand calories.

From a very early age, we all learn that the foods and drinks have calories. We are told that too many is bad and too few is bad. Many of us will never fully understand the calorie. It is after all just a unit of energy. It is the energy needed to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree centigrade. So a candy bar can raise 400 grams of water 1 degree. But what does this mean to your daily life, not much? 

What are calories?

It is better to look at calories as a rough number your body needs to function. An average active male may require near 3000 calories a day where an average active female may require near 2000 calories a day. A person’s size, age and activity level all are important when determining how many daily calories is optimal. 

What is more important it the quality of calories. What do you think is better for you, 300 calories from butter or 300 calories from spinach? Pretty simple answer. The goal for anyone interested in watching their calories and their health is to get as many nutritional calories as possible. Quinoa is so packed with nutrition that is should be added to every diet of everyone concerned about calories.

Since it can be found in virtually every store that carries food and easy recipes for quinoa are easy to find, there is no reason not to have it in your kitchen. Quinoa is often found in salads, soups and as a tasty side dish. It is easy to cook, only taking about 15 minutes and its serving potions are equivalent to those of rice but with a lot more life-enhancing nutrients.

A serving of Quinoa not only is below 300 calories, it provides 9 essential proteins your body must have to function properly. It is loaded with energy producing B vitamins and vitamin E. Often over looked are the body’s need for minerals. Quinoa has zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorous, all of which are vital to a healthy life. It provides some of the most nutrient dense calories available.

And another way to look at a calorie and whether you are getting the most from it is whether it has fiber. Quinoa is packed with fiber. Fiber not only helps with proper digestion and from reducing your risk of heart attacks and stroke, it helps regulate blood sugar. When you eat a calorie laced with sugar, it causes a huge spike in blood sugar and throws off insulin production Your liver produces insulin to deal with sugar in the bloodstream. The fiber from quinoa slows the whole process down, keeping your energy release even and keeping your liver functioning normally. 

So with quinoa, you need not watch your calories as closely since it is providing some many health benefits.

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