Lemony salad of Quinoa salad with vegetables

Lemony salad of Quinoa salad with vegetables


1.Radish(8 large red)
2. Black redish (1 small)
3. Carrot( 1 medium, properly peeled)
4.Fennel bulb ( 1 medium finely cored )
5. Quinoa ( 1 cup red and rinsed properly)
6. water( 2 nad 1/2 cup)
7. Lemons zest( 2 lemons)
8. Lemon juice( 1 lemon)
9. Vegetable oil (2 tablespoon)
10. salt and pepper


1. Make thin and broad pieces of radish, fennel bulb and carrot with the help of slicer. Add these pieces into ice water and cool them into refrigerator till the time they become dry.
2. Then, add Quinoa into water and boil it for 20 minutes so that all the quinoa may absorb water and becomes soft and let them be as it is and cool them for some time.
3. Take a bowl, add lemon juice and lemon zest into it with vegetable oil. Add quinoa into this mixture and stir properly so that all of the ingredients will mix well and then spread salt and pepper according to taste and serve with the finely dried vegetables at the top.

One Serving:

Carb-37 gm
fat-10 gm
proteins-7 gm
fibres- 5 gm

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