List of all the benefits of Quinoa

List of all the benefits of Quinoa

There can hardly be a food that is not mentioned as often as quinoa. A product of South America for thousands of years, its benefits are finally reaching the rest of the world.

The body needs many things in order to have a healthy existence. Protein stands as the king. All of our cells are made of protein so it is hard to imagine what we would look like without it. The body can make all but 9 amino acids it needs to make protein. Quinoa has all of them. It is the only grain that provides this super health punch. Very few plants can pull this off but quinoa is a complete protein.

What since is there eating healthy food if your body cannot convert it into energy? That is where the B vitamins come in. quinoa is so dense in so many nutrients it is easy to overlook many of them. A healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and quinoa will allow you to throw away your vitamin B supplements, quinoa is that good.

The body craves many nutrients and quinoa is a one stop shop for many of them. It has iron which allows the red blood cells to carry oxygen to all of the cells including the brain. Zinc is in every spoonful, helping to bolster the immune system and keeping you on your feet during flu season. quinoa has magnesium which is responsible for no less than 300 chemical reactions in the body.

Not many foods can help keep your heart beating but quinoa has healthy amounts of potassium that regulate our most important muscle’s rhythms. Phosphorus is also plentiful which is a good thing since it is invaluable to bone and teeth formation. And speaking about bones, quinoa also has calcium.

A lot is said about having a fiber rich diet but to most people that sounds like too much work. Not many people eat enough fruit and vegetables to accomplish this, so knowing quinoa is full of fiber makes this an easy task. Fiber keeps our bodies regular, regulates bloodstream sugar,lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It is a must for healthy bodies.

Losing weight with Quinoa is easy. It is naturally low in fat, naturally low in sugar and with it’s high fiber content keeping the digestive track running smoothly, nutrients get to where they are needed.

Quinoa is gluten free. It is hard to believe that a super food can also be gluten free but it is. Gluten, which is a protein found in wheat and grains, cause millions of people minor and major digestive discomfort. A serving of quinoa will not aggravate your stomach.

Quinoa is also known as an anti-inflammatory. With flavanoids and phytonutrients like quercetion and kaempferol, it can aid in reducing inflammation related to heart disease and arthritis.

An overlooked health benefit is that quinoa is available everywhere, is easy to cook, and there a million easy recipes on the internet. Let’s face it, when a healthy food is this easy, we eat it more often.

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